A Great Walk to END POLIO NOW

One Rotary Card Philippines, Inc. (ORCPI) spearheads the END POLIO NOW 2017 campaign in collaboration with Petron Corporation and RI Districts 3780, 3800 and a big number of clubs from 3810 dubbed as a “Great Walk To End Polio Now” coupled with the launching of the Petron Value Card – One Rotary Card Philippines,  dated October 22, 2017. This event was in celebration of the World End Polio Day slated October 24 of every year.

The event kicked off with the FIRST HUMAN FORMATION using umbrellas to form the words END POLIO NOW. Picture (middle right) were taken by a drone hundred meters high. A public awareness walk around Quezon City Memorial Circle ensued followed by the Launching of the Petron VC – One Rotary Card.

While preparations were being made, Department of Health Secretary, also Great President for RC Manila 101 (D3810) Dr. Enrique “Eric” Tayag lead all participants to a 30 minute ZUMBA to promote health and fitness.

Welcome messages from DG Nestor Borromeo (RID 3780), followed by DG Salvador Quimpo (3800) started the program, followed by a message from End Polio Now Coordinator, Zone 7A, (Philippines and Indonesia) PDG Oscar De Venecia followed.  Petron Corporation National Sales Manager for Cards Mr. Gregorio Abada, then presented to the benefits of the new Petron VC – One Rotary Card – where every purchase of gasoline fuel at any Petron station nationwide gives off up to six times (6x) more on points compared to the regular Petron Value Card. Half of the total points goes to the card holder while the other half is donated to the END POLIO NOW campaign. He cites the project was in collaboration with One Rotary Card Philippines, Inc. President – Dr. J. Randy “Bogs” Rivera, President Elect for RC Manila Binondo Prime (D3810). Unveiling of the new Petron VC – One Rotary Card ensued followed by the ceremonial MOA signing between Petron Corporation – One Rotary Card Philippines, Inc and participating district governors.

Dignitaries who attended include: Rotary International Director Elect PDG Raffy Garcia, End Polio Now Coordinator, Zone 7A (Philippines and Indonesia) PDG Oscar De Venecia, Assistant End Polio Now Coordinator, Zone 7A for District 3780, 3800, 3810 and 3820 PDG Connie Beltran, Great Governor D3780 Nestor Borromeo, Great Governor D3800 Salvador Quimpo, PDG and incumbent TRF Chair for D3780 – PDG Jess Cifra, PDG Dulce Coyukiat D3780, DGE Mar Reyes D3780, AKS Bing Carrion D3810, Department of Health, Assistant Secretary / Great President Enrique “Eric” Tayag.

Illustration of the Great Walk to End Polio Now
Newpaper Clippings of the Great Walk to End Polio Now
MOA signing during Great Walk to End Polio Now 2017