Polio Plus Fund receives Php 140K donation from ORCPI thru the Petron-Rotary Value Card

Polio Plus Donations

by Bogs Rivera, President – ORCPI

One Rotary Card Philippines, Inc. deposited last Tuesday the sum of One Hundred Twenty Five Thousand, Five Hundred Seventy Eight (Php 125,578.19) Pesos in favor of the Rotary International Polio Plus fund. The amount represent reward rebate points from cardholders with the Petron – Rotary Value Card beginning 2017 to March 2019 representing 587 Rotarians of 178 Rotary Clubs encompassing 8 districts. The amount was credited under the name of the Rotary Club for cards whom name of the cardholder is known whereas for those who aren’t where credited under the name of the Rotary District. Rewards beginning April 2019 and onwards shall be ascribed to the Rotary Cardholder. ORCPI believes that by doing so, you give credit where credit’s due and in turn boosts more funds to END POLIO. We encourage existing Petron Rotary Value Cardholders to REGISTER your cards with us. We would need your Rotary ID number for us to make deposit amount in your behalf. Click HERE to register.

A similar move was made earlier sometime in June 2018 when ORCPI handed a check in favor of RID 3800 thru its incumbent Governor amounting to Fifteen thousand Eight Hundred Eighty (15,880.74) Pesos . “That money came out from our pockets says ORCPI President Bogs Rivera due to pressure of letting people know we walk our talk”. It was our failure to secure necessary legal documents that didnt allowed us to secure the money from Petron Corporation what should have been given for that Rotary Year. It was only in late March 2019 when ORCPI was able to get all necessary documents, he added.

A cheque from Petron Corporation was given to One Rotary Card Philippines, Inc. in early August 2019 during the second area meeting of Champion Governor Liza Elorde at Okada Hotel in the amount of One Hundred Sixty Four Thousand, Three Hundred Seventy Five (164,375.19) Pesos. The remaining nearly twenty three thousand (22,916.26) went to taxes, licenses and 10% ORCPI operational cost.

Polio Plus, the most ambitious program in Rotary’s history, is the volunteer arm of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. For 30 years, Rotary has led the private sector in the global effort to rid the world of this crippling disease. Today, PolioPlus and its role in the initiative is recognized worldwide as a model of public-private cooperation in pursuit of a humanitarian goal.

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